I desember deltar jeg med malerier og tegning på dette prosjektet:

The Norwegian word ‘Kos’ describes a kind of instant happiness you get when you take time to slow down, be present and enjoy the simple things in life. The KOS Collection features beautiful, sustainable and handmade objects by some of Norway’s best artisans. Find the perfect gift for loved ones or join one of our workshops.

‘Kos’ is intertwined with Norwegian cultural and indicates “a sort of shared, safe togetherness” according to Scandinavian language expert Arne Kruse. “It can describe a house, a situation, a meal, a book or a conversation conveying this feeling of safe, warm or good”.

Advent in Norway is marked by festivals, markeds and celebrations with ‘kos’ to light up the dark winter days. Kos often includes the company of loved ones and a connection with nature, promoting personal well-being. ‘Kos’ is also the Norwegian version of the Danish “hygge” – adapted to the Norwegian culture of “friluftsliv” referring to a love for nature and the outdoors.x

KOS party, concert & workshop 30. Nov!

We invite you to our pre-launch ‘KOS’ party, concert & workshop to kickoff the advent season with a live performance from Nordgarden and a chance to personalise your embroidered ‘Dorte’ advent calendar by Dohur filled with complimentary gifts from Norwegian makers such as Fitjar Islands, Stefan Papir and Fuglen Coffee Roasters Oslo among others.

There will be refreshments, homemade treats and lots of KOS with friends and loved ones. The party is free but you have to be on the guest list, a maximum of 50 people. There are only 10 SPOTS available for the Advent Calendar Workshop.
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The KOS Collection features Norwegian artisans:
All Pine Press, AmokAmok, Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, Ann Kristin Einarsen, Ayla Gürsoy, Bendik Kaltenborn, Curious Dandelion, Dohur, Edvin Klasson, Elementa, Fitjar, Fuglen Coffee Roasters, Gro Mukta Holter, Heymat, Ida Siebke, Mainn med Bart, Morten & Jonas, Northern, Nuen, Object, Ole Brodersen Osloleire, Plesner Patterns, PREG, Rita Egren, Rudi Wulff, Stine Aas, Son Venin, Stefan Papir, Studio Sløyd, TWAS and UND


Svømmere 73,5 x 45 cm tegning

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